School Meals

A fresh approach to school food

At the start of September 2008 the school catering facility was brought in house, and we have direct control over the quality of food available to our students.

We create menus, which not only meets the Government’s school food guidelines, but also offers a higher quality and much-improved menu to our students.

It is important to create an offer, which gives an interesting and varied choice but which also provided the chance for all our customers to eat a balanced and healthy meal.

We use and promote fresh fruit and vegetables, where possible procured locally. And also meet the criteria necessary for a Healthy School.

We think we have something for everyone and students are very pleased with the choices on offer.

All daily aspects of catering provision within the school will be met by the in house catering team. The catering team will provide breakfast, morning break and lunch on a day-to-day basis.

As you may be aware the new Nutritional Guidelines for schools came into force for Lunch in September 2006 and were made law for all other services at the start of September 2007.

Whilst working within these guidelines in school we hope that we are providing an interesting and varied menu choice alongside tasty nutritious food which our customers will want to eat.

We look forward to seeing you in our restaurant and hope that you will enjoy your eating experience.

If you have any questions regarding the catering provision at Gateacre please do not hesitate to contact the catering team at school.





Cashless Catering - Biometric System

We operate a cashless catering system in school which uses a digitally encrypted fingerprint registration and recognition system.  This is solely for catering purposes only, so that money does not exchange hands and purchases of school lunches, food and beverages is electronic.  Catering Tills do not take cash.  Food and drink may only be purchased by fingerprint. 

The system does not store fingerprints but translates a fingerprint into a unique biometric identification code purely for use at our catering tills. Each student has their own unique account registered to them and their own unique fingerprint to operate and access their account. 

You can add money to your child’s cashless catering account using Parent Pay (this is our recommended and preferred method) or they can manually top up their account with cash at 3 revaluation pay-point machines around school.  When a student starts school at Gateacre, parents automatically receive a letter confirming their unique Parent Pay account and ID information.  Please keep this safe.

Student biometric/catering records are permanently deleted when they leave.  This system provides obvious safeguarding benefits for students and efficiency at the food serving points as no money changes hands, so students do not have to carry cash around school.  Parents do not need to give children cash to take to school for lunches (and school trips) and are instead encouraged to keep their child’s cashless catering account topped up automatically using the Parent Pay system by debit card or credit card.  This gives you peace of mind that money for lunch is safe and being used for that purpose only or for payment of school trips when indicated. If parents do not consent to biometric registration by indicating NO on the permission form, a lunch card can be issued alternatively however, a replacement charge of £5 will be levied to issue a replacement if the card is lost, and in every instance.

Biometric Information for parents and Biometric Consent is sought during the enrolment process, please complete in full every field of the data collection form in your welcome pack.

This encrypted digital unique identification is stored securely in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and is not transferred, accessed or used for any other purpose than cashless catering (school dinners).