We have tried to answer as many frequently asked questions from parents and students over the last few months. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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Frequently Asked Questions from Students

Q. Will I get lost?

Q. I'm scared I won't know anyone.

Q. Will I like the food?

Q. I'm scared I might get bullied.

Q. Will I get a detention?

Q. What is Kooth and will it help me?


Frequently Asked Questions from Parents

Q. Will we get an information pack sent out?

Yes, You will receive your welcome pack before the summer holidays.

Q. Will there be able to be any kind of transition day?

You will have received an email during the week beginning 15th June with further details (If you have not received an email please email admin@gatecre.org).

Q. How I go about speaking to a senco teacher regarding my childs needs?

 For further details in regards to students with additional needs please visit our dedicated page. Please click here.

Q. Is there any chance to meet other pupils before September?

Unfortunately at this time there will be no chance to meet other pupils of your new year group.

Q. With not being in school since March because of lockdown will the difference between homeschooling be taken into consideration?

Of course it will.  All teaching colleagues will do quick quizzes and other forms of formative assessment to inform them how much you have remember and how much you may have forgotten.  Teachers will then plan for that in their lesson planning. 


Q. My child is worried about not being able to speak or go near their friends due to the social distancing rules and after spending so much time at home.

We, as with any schools will have to ensure that we comply with current DfE and LA guidance.  This will not prevent children speaking to their friends.  Part of our return to school action plan will be reintegration programmes so that we positively encourage reinforcing old friendships whilst equally important, making new friendships.

Q. How will the school set/band the Year 7 this year as there was no SATs taken place this year for the Y6 children?

As with other secondary schools across Liverpool we will be using CATs assessments probably around the end of the first half term formally assess all our Year 7 students, once they have settled into Gateacre.   We will also use in house benchmark assessments early in the term to give teachers an indication of what all children in Year 7 have remembered whilst also inform teachers what they have forgotten.  Until the results of the CATs assessments are received by Gateacre all Year 7 will be taught in tutor groups in the majority of subjects.