Raising Aspirations

At Gateacre School, we aim to foster each student’s unique gifts and talents while meeting their needs and raising their aspirations.

This will be achieved by creating a stimulating learning environment where high expectations and standards are the norm and where lessons are both rigorous and challenging for all students.

We maintain that learning should be engaging, rewarding and an enjoyable experience, which enables students to go on to lead happy and fulfilled lives. We believe all students should be inspired to develop a passion for learning, become effective and reflective lifelong learners and realise their full potential.

We work to raise the aspirations of our students, leading to a positive impact on 4 keys areas of the students schools life;

  • Their experience of teaching and learning within the classroom and independent learning outside of school.

  • Their engagement in trips, visits and enrichment activities, which promote high aspirations and extend learning experiences within the classroom

  • The pastoral support they receive through the house system, including careers advice and guidance offered through the school.

  • The vital relationship between the school, their parents and the students that supports their academic progress and wellbeing whilst at Gateacre.