All students in the Sixth Form must follow an enrichment course. This comprises of one lesson a week of a non-examination subject.

Students have a wide selection of courses from which to pick. Courses currently include: Guitar for Beginners; Film & Media Club; Photography; Duke of Edinburgh Award; Serial Killers; Cooking.

Typically, most Advanced Level Students will study FOUR AS levels in Year 12, plus General Studies A-Level. The enrichment course will also help the students obtain the AQA Baccalaurate Award. Students who follow 4 subjects in Year 12 may then ‘drop’ one (after the AS exams in Year 12) carrying the other 3 on into Year 13 at A2 level.

Students in the sixth form benefit from high-quality curriculums. As a result, they achieve well in both academic and vocational courses.
Ofsted 2020