Admission arrangements are the responsibility of Liverpool Education Authority. Parents apply online via their local council when their children are in Year 6 and must be submitted by 31st October. Gateacre has provision for 240 places a year, however, we have increased it to 255 in our current Year 7 (September 2023). When we are oversubscribed, it may not be possible for all applicants to have a place. If there are more applications than places then Liverpool City Council for community secondary schools will make the final decision.

Gateacre School is currently oversubscribed in Years 7 and 8, with a waiting list.

All admissions to Gateacre School are co-ordinated by Liverpool City Council Admissions Team

Please see below the latest document from the Liverpool Education Authority in regards to admission arrangments.

Students in the sixth form have high rates of attendance.
Ofsted 2020