At Gateacre School, attendance matters.  For a child to achieve their full potential students must attend school every day and be on time.  At Gateacre School we want our students to have at least 96% attendance.


Reporting Absence from School

  •  All absences should be reported to school by 8:45am
  • Our preferred method is that absence is recorded via the absence section of the Edulink One app
  • You can also email your year admin officer or call and leave a message 0151 363 1111

Year 7                            extension 105

Year 8                          extension 108

Year 9                            extension 105

Year 10                       extension 107

Year 11                       extension 107

6th Form                      extension 108


After 9:30am we will send a text / Edulink message to anyone who has not reported an absence.  We will request that you contact school asap to provide a reason for absence. 

We will follow up non responses with a phone call home.  We may also conduct a home visit. 

Our expectation is that all students attend school on time, every day. 

If there are more complicated reasons for absence please contact your child’s Head of Year or Assistant Head of Year who will be able to support you and your child. 

Moments Matter, Attendance Counts

Time in the classroom is important and even small moments in a school day make a real difference to children's lives. Increases in persistent absence have been reported as a post-pandemic challenge in schools around the world.

For most pupils, the best place to be during term-time in is school, surrounded by the support of their friends and teachers.  

This is important not just for your child’s learning, but also for their overall wellbeing, wider development and their mental health. 

As a parent, it can be difficult to know when to send your child into school if they are feeling unwell or a mildly anxious, but finding solutions is a team effort between schools, parents and children, and there is support and information available to help you make the best decision for your child.  

Click here to find out more information of what support is available for you.