Reading in Food Technology

Reading in the Creative Faculty



The ‘Creative Faculty’ actively engages in developing Disciplinary Literacy to support whole school reading and discussion here at Gateacre School. Each department within our area has curated a selection of texts around a topic central to developing, embedding and enhancing knowledge within their curriculum area. These are varied and could be project specific, link to current affairs and/or relate to each subject in society, including key issues that are relevant to the modern world. The reading tasks will happen once per half term, following the whole school policy.




1.      The Eatwell Guide

2.      Food Labelling

3.      Food Waste

4.      Food Ratings

5.      Vitamins and Minerals

6.      Secrets of a Viral Food Video


1.      The Eatwell Guide

2.      Healthy Breakfast

3.      Fibre   

4.      Saturated Fats

5.      Food Allergies

6.      Eating During Pregnancy


1.      Food Poverty

2.      Organic Food

3.      Food and the Environment

4.      Fish Waste Scandal

5.      Using Leftovers

6.      Nutrition and Sleep


1.      What is Listeria

2.      Food Safety Technology

3.      Good Food Nation

4.      Reducing Food Waste

5.      Jack Monroe

6.      Food Trends



1.      Restaurant Opening

2.      Renshaw Street Market

3.      Cost of Living in Hospitality

4.      Classic British Dishes