Reading at Gateacre

Reading is central to our curriculum in all disciplines at Gateacre.

We know that engaging with reading in all subject areas has many benefits for our students in terms of both their academic development and their well-being. 

We have set out to build a community of readers who access a range of written texts for both learning and pleasure.  This is central to our aim of developing young people who are confident communicators able to share their ideas through spoken and written forms effectively.

Each of our subject areas actively engage in developing disciplinary literacy by developing their own strategies to support the requirements of vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking and listening in their areas.  In achieving this, each subject has embedded the reading and discussion of texts within their curriculum. 

Each subject area has a curated selection of texts that are read as supporting material for their curriculum.  This promotes the idea that we read to learn and that wider reading around a topic area is central to developing and embedding knowledge of key areas of our curriculum.

Studies show that wider reading can increase our emotional intelligence as we understand a range of perspectives and motivations.  Research also suggests that reading for 30 minutes a week increases health and wellbeing. Reading for both learning and pleasure has been found to improve our confidence and self-esteem, providing the grounding we need to pursue our goals and make life decisions. It can also aid our sleep and reduce feelings of loneliness.  Our message is therefore clear: reading, reading, reading…