Supporting Maths Outside the Classroom

Whilst we all acknowledge that mobile phones can causes issues of distraction in the classroom, there is also an upside! 

Indeed, mobile phones can open a world of opportunity for pupils as they can support the development of generic numeracy and mental arithmetic skills. Research has shown that use of the math apps improves student learning in mathematics for all pupils; however, it significantly supports the lower achieving students and reduces the achievement gap between the most able and more challenged students of a cohort.  There are many ways to use mobile devices with students. Mobile devices can be used to help students practice foundational math skills and build their math fluency.

Below are a list of some apps which have proven useful - the range of apps caters for pupils of all abilities.


PiXL [Free]

Used in conjunction with the school, the PiXL app is a fantastic resource which highlights areas of strength and areas to develop enabling students to target revision on areas to maximise their progress. PiXL is a teaching and learning support package adopted by a large number of schools including Gateacre.


Blackboard Madness: Math [Free]

This is a great test of mental maths skills, logic thinking and reaction. You have to ‘slash’ the correct answers before they drop off the blackboard. There are kung fu sound effects to make you feel like a martial arts maths black belt. Mental maths reaction speed is a great skill to teach more experienced maths students.


GCSE Maths: Super Edition [Free Lite version: £4.99 for full version]

This collection of maths revision apps is aimed at children approaching their GCSE exams (age 12-15), but will also push those younger students who excel at maths. You can also sit a mock test with questions from all the topics. The app has a clever progress tracking feature including pie charts and bar graphs showing your progress.


iMathematics - GCSE Maths Helper and Solver [Free - extra upgrades and quizzes can be purchased]

A great resource for revising any GCSE topic and provides explanations and support for students looking to revise any topics in preparation for their GCSE exams.


Socratic Maths and Homework Help [Free]

This app allows users to take a photo of their work and will recognise the question type they are working on and instantly provide support, video tutorials and step by step guides.


IXL Maths and English [Free]

A comprehensive app to suit all abilities IXL provide a fun and engaging learning environment that motivates students to master skills and explore new topics.


Maths Champions Lite [Free]
A host of varied games that provide a fun and motivating way for children and adults alike to improve their maths skills.


Other resources include:

BBC Bitesize

Corbettmaths  - a favourite of teachers! It provides video demonstrations, fluency and problem solving exercises as well as example exam questions.

Mr Barton Maths - a free website used by teachers, students and parents it provides everything you could possible need to cover all aspects of the secondary maths curriculum

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