Reading in Art Creative Faculty

Reading in the Creative Faculty



The ‘Creative Faculty’ actively engages in developing Disciplinary Literacy to support whole school reading and discussion here at Gateacre School. Each department within our area has curated a selection of texts around a topic central to developing, embedding and enhancing knowledge within their curriculum area. These may be varied and could be project specific, link to current affairs and/or relate to each subject in society, including key issues that are relevant to the modern world. The reading tasks will happen once per half term, following the whole school policy.


1.      Who is David Hockney

2.      Ukrainian schoolchildren share colourful messages of hope

3.      ‘Bright colours simple shapes’ Henri Matisse

4.      Artist carves magnificent mandala into Knowsley park

5.      Who is Claude Monet

6.      Who is Georgia O’Keeffe



1.      The life of Native Americans

2.      Graffiti art transforms Middlesbrough park with positive messages

3.      Problems faced by Native Americans

4.      Kay Haring: article on big brother Keith

5.      Reclaiming an old medium Native America

6.      Liverpool Capital of Culture 2008



1.      Banksy ‘Spraycation’

2.      Knife Angel highlights crime

3.      Leonardo De Vinci Artist and scientist hipster genius

4.      Carl Jung’s ‘Pool of Life’ murals

5.       Hundertwasser the environmental activist

6.      Who is Sonia Boyce


1.      Tattoo artist helps cover surgery marks

2.      Hold still article: Photography

3.      Diana Statue

4.      Hillsborough -Anne Williams mural

5.      Graffiti art and positive messages

6.      Musician Madonna lends painting by Frida Kahlo to Tate Modern



1.      Artist ‘Sarah Graham’ article

2.      Ukraine and Russia Mural

3.      Banksy-Self Destructs

4.      Instagrammable Art



1.      Kardashian sister embarks on Fashion journey ‘BooHoo’

2.      Who is Frank Bowling?

3.      France ‘Culture Pass’

4.      Soho streets and alleys turned into new permanent art gallery

5.      Sixth-form students use art to explore the future of the planet

6.      Should young people get an art allowance?



1.      Khanyisile Mbongwa: Announced as Curator for Liverpool Biennial 2023

2.      Celebrities you might not realise are also talented artists

3.      Jade Fadojutimi: Painting takes over me like witchcraft

4.      Lubaina Himid: Britain's first Black Turner winner opens at Tate Modern

5.      Art trends 2022