Reading in Sociology

Read like a Sociologist:

"In sociology, students are required to use their reading skills regularly. Reading texts include extracts from culture-based case studies (e.g., Identical Twins Studies, Youth Subcultures, Ethnic Subcultures and cultures from around the world), outlines of key sociological research (e.g., Skeels & Dye, Anne Oakley, Berstein, Milgram, Townsend and Merton) and source/item extracts taken from past exam papers. Newspaper articles covering current affairs relevant to the subject are also chosen when appropriate to develop students' application of sociology to contemporary issues/debates and encourage their social, moral, spiritual and cultural development. From 2022 for example, there will be a focus on accessing news articles related to the findings of the 2021 census, as the data becomes available from the ONS. At Key Stage 5, students are also provided with access to articles from Sociology Review - a publication that provides the most up to date research on the topics studied by our sixth form students."