Specialist School Status

In 2005 our school was designated as a Specialist College for Humanities and Arts. The English, Music, Drama and RE departments are the focal subjects in this exciting development.

We are proud of these achievements and continue to be proud of the work done by these departments. The Art department houses some of the best facilities within Liverpool schools. Our Drama department boasts a Recording Studio, two Drama studios, professional lighting, rigs and PAs.

Some of our Technicians have also worked in the Performing Arts Industry and are keen to support both staff and students.

Gateacre is also home to the most oversubscribed Music department in the country. Visitors to our school are amazed at our equipment and the ethos of the department.

We actively encourage staff and students into this department which boasts rehearsal rooms with full band set up, 24 track digital recording facility, state of the art software which includes Sibelius and Cubase. Our Music department also works with outside agencies including LIPA - The Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts which was set up by Sir Paul McCartney.

In recent years, Gateacre has performed at prestigious and high profile events at such venues as : The Philharmonic Hall, St George´s Hall, The Playhouse, The Town Hall, The Cavern, LIPA, The Picket and The Lomax. The quality of the music produced by our school has recently led to the department being featured in the local Media. The school´s choir even featured in the Christmas edition of Channel Four´s "Hollyoaks"