The Gateacre Reading Challenge

Our curriculum aims to ensure that pupils develop the habit of reading widely and often for both pleasure and information.

Through our reading challenge, staff and library volunteers, help students to discover new books and authors and explore a wide range of different books and ways of reading.  We have a curated list of 20 texts for each Key Stage.  The lists offer a selection of age appropriate literary classics with choices accessible to students at all levels of reading confidence.

How the Challenge works:

  • Students sign up through their English teacher, set a reading goal and borrow and read books of their choice from the list.  All titles are available at our school library.

  • Students are invited to write reviews of their reading to offer reading recommendations to other students.

  • Students who complete the Reading Challenge are presented with a certificate and prize.

What are the benefits?

  • The challenge enhances and supports our reading policy and mission for all children to read more widely and for pleasure.

  • The challenge allows Students to become more independent in their reading when choosing books and encourages using imagination and empathy to explore a text beyond the page.