Learning to Learn- Video tutorials

American scientist, diplomat and philosopher Benjamin Franklin once said, “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest!” 

Ok, so we agree with the statement, and we want to become knowledge-rich, we want to give ourselves the best life chances possible, but how do we do it? What do we mean by learning? How do you best achieve it?   

To help us find the answers, Gateacre students and staff have produced a series of short videos on the subject, which explore areas such as: how to remember more; how to train your brain; what memory is in the first place and revision shortcuts that could help us be more powerful learners. In short, what does the research say?   

Click on a link to see what we found when we asked important questions about learning to learn!

Learning to Learn #1: Memory
Learning to Learn #2: Encoding
Learning to Learn #3: Storage and Retrieval
Learning to Learn #4: The Forgetting Curve