Teachers make an enormous difference to the lives of students- we can all remember the impact that significant teachers have had on our lives.

Without excellent teaching, excellent learning cannot happen. At Gateacre School our aim is to provide the very best in terms of teaching so that outstanding learning can take place. With this in mind we have embarked upon a teacher development programme called TEEP. The programme is delivered by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust and is designed to embrace current and recent initiatives in teaching and learning and apply them to our specific situation.

What is TEEP? 

TEEP is the Teacher Effectiveness and Enhancement Programme and is rooted in evidence based research on effective teaching and learning. It aims to support schools to provide the best possible learning experiences for our young people. 

Please feel free to click through to www.teep.org.uk for more information or to watch a short film on TEEP go to www.teep.org/teepvideo.asp.

The aims of TEEP at Gateacre School are to:

• Give staff a common language for teaching and learning

• Provide a consistent approach to lesson planning and lesson structure

• Encompass and build upon everything that we do that we know makes teaching and learning better

• Enable excellent progression within a lesson and across a series of lessons in order to raise achievement for all

Where would you see TEEP at Gateacre? 

Whilst TEEP is all about what we do and how we think, visual evidence can be seen in a number of ways.  All learning is structured around a series of six learning stages.  These are entitled: Prepare to Learn; Learning Outcomes; New Information; Construct; Apply to Demonstrate; Review. To this end carefully guided and instructed student centred lessons are delivered using this learning cycle; all teacher and learner actions are encouraged to adhere and support this cycle of stages.   Similarly, teaching and learning aids, such as PowerPoint presentations, all share this common language and approach to the structure of learning. Indeed, every classroom has the TEEP learning structure clearly displayed in the form of Gateacre designed posters.

An overview of the TEEP learning cycle: