Walker Art Gallery schools project 2022/23

Our Y9 art students were fortunate enough to be involved in this year's Walker Art Gallery schools project 2022/23. 


This consisted of three separate activities across the school year.

1: Walker Gallery trip: 

A very successful visit which involved students viewing, discussing and taking part in exhibition activities. The students spent time looking at: 

'Refractive Pool' exhibition. This displayed various works of Liverpool artists using the medium of paint. 
'Medieval, Baroque and Renaissance' exhibits. Looking at the historical paintings over the years. 
2: Carreers in Art workshop.

This was a live virtual workshop, which provided our Y9 students with information regarding 'careers in the art sector'. Additionally, ceramic artist Claire Partington spoke live from her London Studio about her own career within the industry. 


3: Creating Art for the Walker Gallery Summer exhibition.  

Following the workshop with ceramicist Claire Partington, students were tasked with an art project to create their own piece of ceramics, based on their own identity. 

The work was then housed in the Walker Gallery over the summer, for students and families to view. What fantastic opportunity this has been! 


A big thanks to Chrissy Waugh at the Walker Gallery for making this possible.