Educate Awards 2023- Winners!

We had a wonderful evening at this year's Educate Awards. As well as being serenaded by one of our Year 11 Music Students, Aiden Ellis, it was a great opportunity to meet up with friend and colleagues from across the North West education sector.

We were up for an incredible 4 awards this year

  • Innovative & Creative Literacy Award- RUNNER UP
  • Outstanding Arts in Secondary School- FINALIST
  • Most Inspirational Secondary School- WINNER
  • Catherine Chapman for Teacher of the Year- RUNNER UP

2023 had seen a record number of entries and the high standard of entries has left the judging panel extremely impressed, making this year one of the most challenging to judge. To be shortlist for 4 awards, let alone be runner up for 2 and then win one of the biggest awards of the night is an incredible achievement, one of which we are very proud.

Most Inspirational Secondary School

Gateacre prides itself on having a front-line role in promoting and protecting children and young people’s mental health and well-being.

We support a whole school approach that embeds the promotion of well-being throughout the culture of the school and curriculum as well as in staff training and continuing professional development.

Exposure to the arts can unlock potential in young people, helping them to develop skills in communication, collaboration, creativity, and problem solving. In addition to the enjoyment and enrichment the arts bring, it can increase young people’s engagement in school and learning as well supported key educational outcomes. For many young people, particularly those experiencing the most disadvantage, the only opportunity to gain access to the arts is at school.

The range of opportunities the school has created or taken part in this year has not only enriched the students lives, but also shown them potential career opportunities available to them.

Across our Arts Faculty, Gateacre School is proud to be able to offer our students so many opportunities to shine. Whether it be working alongside industry professionals such as Adlib, The Walker and Tate Art Galleries, performing the world premiere of a play written by their Head of Drama in front of local dignitaries as part of a global campaign about children’s mental health, being part of the Eurovision Song Contest or one of the many students involved in the whole school production of Frozen Jr. alongside our Primary School Partners.

On top of the obvious development of individual creativity and self-expression, the arts can increase young people’s confidence and motivation which in turn improves well-being. As a school, we could ask for nothing more.

In January, Liverpool’s Adlib, in conjunction with the Liverpool City Region Music Board and PLASA, presented a Music Industry Production Day at Gateacre School in Liverpool. The day was designed to give industry insight to the 24 students who, by working alongside the Adlib team, learned about the production equipment, how it is set up, and the different skills required. They also gained an understanding of the necessary commitment to work in the events industry.

Following on from the success of this year’s Adlib event, our BTEC Music students have created a termly ‘Friday Rocks’ gig, which they set up themselves in the theatre and give opportunities to our younger bands (inspired by the Adlib event), to perform.

In May, students from y7-10 along with 1,000 other people formed a giant Ukrainian flag and the iconic Eurovision heart in the centre of Liverpool as part of EuroFestival. Led by Mass Movement Director Jeanefer Jean-Charles (London Olympics opening ceremony director) and local choreographers; Lisi Perry and Grace Goulding, Gateacre were the only secondary school to take part, and our students had such a great time, learning the dance routine, attending secret weekend rehearsals, and then appearing on mass with the others in our yellow and blue ponchos!

Also, in May Gateacre School Drama students performed the world premiere of ‘Bernie and Boatie’ the play, in front of the city’s dignitaries. Following the opening night, the performance was shown a further three times to 400 primary school children from across Liverpool as part of the Boat of Hope campaign.

Based on 'Bernie and Boatie' by Natalie Reeves Billing and adapted by Eleanor Gash, the play showed us a friendship that forms between a scared, little, rainbow coloured boat and an adventurous, young boy. As they embark on a journey over water, two Liver birds keep watch, narrating their adventures at sea. There are ups and downs along the way with Bernie and Boatie also trying to manage big feelings that can make themselves feel up or down. They discover friendship and communication are both key for having more up days! They succeed in making it back home, the liver birds, congratulate them on sticking together and battling through stormy seas.

In June, ‘For the first time in forever…’ there was music, there was light! Inspired by the West End, in the summer of 2023, Gateacre School’s Drama, Music and Design Technology departments worked together to stage ‘Frozen – The Musical’.

Not only did the production incorporate a cast of 40+ students, a band composing of 13 musicians and a backstage crew and front of house team of 24, we also invited 3 of our local primary schools to become our on-stage choir as part of the production. In total, over 200 students ranging from Year 3 to Year 12 were involved.

It was a really valuable experience for Gateacre students to work with the primary school children and vice versa. For the primary school children, it was so positive to not only participate in the production but also to watch the older children and aspire to take on similar roles in the future when they join our school.

In December and July our Music Dept. held it’s annual Christmas and Summer Concerts.

From solos to ensembles, classical to pop music via musical theatre and performances from students in all year groups. Our Pop Voices group has quadrupled in size since it’s last live outing, which has shown how engaged and willing our students are to perform and ‘get out there.’

Not to be deterred by a flood in the school theatre, rendering it out of action two days before the summer concert, the old adage ‘The Show Must Go On’ was definitely our mantra, as we moved into the school’s Atrium for the summer concert. A memorable night was had by all!

Our Art Dept have been working with the Tate and Walker Art Galleries this year, and our students’ ceramics work will be displayed at the Walker Art Gallery over summer which we are thrilled about.

Our annual Creative Exhibition featuring work from all Departments of the Arts Faculty was a huge success. As well as the more traditional works of art on display from all year groups, our Food Technology and Design Technology Departments were also able to showcase their own talents. Our Food students were on hand decorating beautiful desserts and making chicken and non-chicken fajitas for guests. It was an incredible evening topping off a very busy and rewarding year for the Arts.