Kyle Stopford (University of Birmingham – MSci Chemistry) Kyle was an Ogden Physics prize winner at Gateacre school and embarked on his Master project on the development of novel methods for the use of Nuclear Magnetic resonance techniques to detect changes in micellar solutions.  When asked what his fondest memory of Gateacre was he recalled making rockets on a trip to Leicester Space centre and clearing the full length of the car park with the launch! Kyle is now teaching Chemistry here at Gateacre School and working towards a second Masters degree, this time in education. 

Adam Jones (Bristol University – MEng Electronic and Communications Engineering) Currently working as a data scientist Adam has returned to Gateacre on several occasions to speak to our A-Level science pupils about university life and to discuss his own career path. When asked about his favourite part of being at Gateacre school he very kindly commented “the way in which the Physics department approached their teaching”.

Ryan Evans (University of Liverpool – BEng Aerospace Engineering) Ryan is still the University of Liverpool having completed his A-Levels at Gateacre school in 2017. Ryan is another former Ogden Prize winner and is currently studying modules in aerodynamics, aerostructures, flight dynamics and control, propulsion systems, communications, avionics and aircraft materials. Ryan’s favourite memory of Gateacre Science was his Ogden funded 3 day residential trip to Geneva, Switzerland, to see the Large Hadron Collider, only the world’s largest collider and most expensive science experiment ever built!

Other ex-Gateacre Science pupils who have gone on to study a science related degree include, James Kewley, Paul Williams, Joshua Turner, Richard Shaw, Liam Heeson, Joel Conalty, Jack Campbell, Patrick Devaney, Chloe Kennedy, Kasim Azmat, Dean Kenny, Joshua Kennedy-Clarke, Ben Evans, John McCann, Stephen Jones, Elizabeth Shaw and George Franklin.